Launch Pad has been involved with success stories across a wide range of industries, products, services and target audiences. Our clients range in size from young, rapidly growing start-ups to global industry giants.

B2B Software and Services

Predictive analytics

Job search engine

Everything MySQL

*Big data intelligence software

*Internet payment processing platform

*Information classification and management

*Provider of digital maps

*Litigation support services

*Data center automation software

*Support automation and migration solutions

*Application service provider for the virtual workplace

*Permission email marketing solutions

Enterprise event automation software

Employee communications and engagement

Smart water management

Business analytics solutions
(Now: Cloud9 Analytics)

*Technology and advisory services for web-based market research

Product analytics solution

*Enterprise service level management solutions

*Information lifecycle management

*Automated call center agents

Pattern-based simulation & optimization platform

Supply-side ad platform

Outsourced software development services

Operational business intelligence solutions

*Numerical analysis and visualization

*Worldwide print & document delivery service

*Service level management software

*Price management software

*Remittance processing solutions

Global logistics resource management

Sharepoint consulting & hosting

*Full-text retrieval software

*eLearning content and technology

Video processing semiconductors

Color electronic pre-press systems

*Neural networks and touchpad technology

*Web authoring tools

eCRM analytic solutions
(now Datanautics)

Enabler of real-time credit solutions

*Networked personalization software

ASP for e-mail marketing, online registration, and customer service

*Web authoring tools

*Customer data management

Online real estate resources

Non-linear presentation software

B2B sell-side e-Commerce ASP

*Wireless audio solutions

*Email marketing service provider

Data cleaning

Professional services automation

Business process solutions

Collaborative enterprise software

Value added reseller

*Enterprise risk & performance management

Service-oriented application platform

Enterprise desktop search

Storage area network software

*Real-time personalization software

Architectural visualization

Software testing

Data management solutions

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

Security Software & Services

Security intelligence and analytics

*Automated threat intelligence
(Previously: Vorstack)

*Vulnerability management solutions

*Security information management software

*End point security solutions

*Cryptographic security solutions

*Email security and anti-spam services

Application delivery solutions

*Authentication, single sign-on & federation

*Gateway security provider

Unified, continuous security monitoring

*Secure Internet communications solutions

Managed IT and security services
(Now: Kaliotek)

*Email privacy solution (Now: Omniva Policy Solutions)

*Business to business messaging services

*Enterprise security analytics
(Now: SenSage)

Performance monitoring solutions for service providers

IP address infrastructure software provider

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

Social Software & Mobile

*Business social software

*Online platform for posting and sharing anything

Access to enterprise data from mobile devices

Expertise sharing & relationship networking software

Secure transactions via cell phone

Mobile email

Social identity website

Retail ecommerce discovery

Personal commerce

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

Consumer Software & Devices

*Consumer health media company

Digital lifestyle services

Interactive entertainment and gaming website

Wireless digital camera memory card

Robotic mopping solution

*Voice activated applications

Online digital media management

Online learning network for teens

Noise-canceling headsets

Publisher of magazines for tablets and smartphones

Online photo sharing

Curriculum-based educational software and Internet services

Aviation information

Variable speed playback technology

Interactive play experience & virtual world for children

Electronic plant-care products

Landlord-rental online matchmaking service

Personal emergency response system

GPS device and service

Personal productivity tools for electronic organizers

Web-based service for home delivery of gourmet meals

High-definition image galleries

*Music discovery and management service

*Network attached storage for home and small business

Grocery price comparison

Customized jet lag prevention

*Color e-fax software

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

Industry Giants

*Virtualization & cloud infrastructure

Global software and services

Communications products & services

Enterprise message management platform

Global electronics company

Audio and video conferencing solutions

*Enterprise forms software

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

Linux & Open Source Software

*Automated Linux system management solutions

*Email and calendaring software on Linux

Linux system management

Open source web content management

Real-time Big Data on PostgreSQL

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.


The leading bank for Silicon Valley start ups

Angel investor group

Venture capital

Venture arm of Royal Bank of Canada

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

Beyond Technology

*Automated Linux system management solutions

Public relations

Magazine for innovative design and architecture

Leadership strategies for women

*Staffing industry information, analysis & education

Corporate travel management solutions

Product design consultancy

*Indicates a liquidity event, either IPO or acquisition.

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